14, Bharath Complex, Maraimalai Nagar, Pudukkottai
10 Years of Medical Excellence

Welcome to Our Clinic

Healing at Ayushvedha is a Multi Dimensional Approach with our trained Proffesional, Drawing from a altrenative healing Practice with Ayurvedha at the core of the experience.

The Clinic is Headed by Dr.B.Sathya Chief Ayurvedic Consultant was From Gods own Country Aluva, Kerala State.She has done her Ayurvedic Medicine in Dr MGR University, Chennai. She had Pursued Post graduation in Emergeny Medical Service MD(EMS) from Pune University.

Additionaly She Holds Post Gradutation Analytical Toxicology. As an Accomplished Ayurvedic Physician she has vast Expeirence over 10 years and she has done her internship in Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences(CCRAS) Minisrty of AYUSH, Government of india.

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What we do

General Treatments

Pain Mangement

Pain management therapies at Ayurvedic clinic mostly focus on using natural ingredients such as herbal oils, plant extracts or pastes.

Gasteric Problems

Gastric problems refer to diseases of organs that are a part of digestive system including the stomach, intestine, esophagus, rectum, etc.

Body Detoxification

Ayurvedic enemas are performed using oil or herbal decoctions to cleanse the colon and eliminate unwanted waste material from the body.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are often observed to co-exist. Too much mental stress is a trigger that can result in mental disturbances leading to Depression or Anxiety.

Weight Loss

As we grow older, it becomes even more challenging to manage your weight or lose that excess fat through a diet and exercise plan.

Skin & Health Care

An Ayurvedic Facial is one of the best natural beauty treatments to get the healthy and glowing skin.

pain Management

Pain management therapies at Ayurvedic clinic mostly focus on using natural ingredients such as herbal oils, plant extracts or pastes.

Depression & Anxiety

You don't need an appointment to get treated at our urgent care center

Gasteric Problems

This service can provide you with many of the common vaccines including those required for immunization records

Weight Loss

These services offers routine health checkups and treatment for specialty conditions

Body Detoxification

These services offers routine health checkups and treatment for specialty conditions

Mission & Vision Statement

We use a multi-modality approach to first identify the hurdles facing a patient’s health,
and then identify methods to effectively build a better picture of health.

Additional Services

Ayurveda is an ancient system of life and also considered as the oldest surviving medical system in the world. Ayurveda is a combination of two words “Ayur” and “Veda”, where “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means science.

  • Pain Management
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Body Detoxification
  • Gastric Problems
  • Immunity
  • Mental Health
  • Weight Loss
  • gynaecological disorders
  • Skin & Health Care
  • Paralysis
  • Elderly Care
  • Eye Care
  • spine disorders
  • joint disorders
  • Skin Diseases

Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda refers to five therapeutic measures (Karmas) to be undertaken for complete Detoxification of body.

  • Vaman
  • Virechanam
  • Nasyam
  • Sneha Vasti
  • Kashaya Vasti
  • Diabetes
  • Swarna Prashana
  • Nadi Pariksha
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Migrain
  • Knee Pain and Swelling

Why Ayurveda is Unique?

Patient Information

1.How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our practitioners, please contact our reception staff.Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and choice of practitioner.

It is Located at Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu State. Near by Maruthi car show room.

Monday to Friday Morning 10am to 12.30pm and Evening 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Yes, it is better to consult the old history with our Ayurvedic treatments.

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Patient Testimonials

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Care

Premium Health Services

When you sit down with one of our pharmacists, you receive one hour of his/her attention. Our pharmacist will listen to your concerns, conduct a thorough medication review, and help you find a healthier you. Our pharmacist is here to help you understand your health and well-being.

Main Focus of Our Private Clinic

Our patients receive personalized care that is affordable and attentive, with many of them being with us. We are well tuned to providing the best medical services for everyone, whether you’re passing through or have lived here for years.

Receive Quality Care from Our Staff
  • Maximizing technology for better outcomes
  • Personalized care, tailored to your needs
  • Focus on long-term health and prevention
  • Highest standards of customer service